AUgmenTISM - it's not just a made-up word

It's a new term. It's stylized, and perhaps vaguely familiar.

But what does it mean?

Well, take out the gmen and you have the word "AUTISM". 

Okay, that was obvious. But what isn't obvious is what the term is intended to represent. I guess the best way to describe it, without actually describing it, is to post up the hook for my manuscript of the same name:

Bakersfield, California: Eleven year-old William Johnson, a special needs student with Asperger Syndrome, a mild autism spectrum disorder, breaks his arm after being pushed off his school playground's jungle gym. When Bobby Littleton, who caused William's fall, climbs down and punches the defenseless boy, William merely looks directly at the bully, who then inexplicably starts bleeding out of his mouth, nose, eyes and ears, and nearly dies in the process. Baltimore, Maryland: ADHD and autism researching psychiatrist, Dr. Jax Brady, learns of the Bakersfield incident and flies out to California to interview …

LILI G MUST DIE beta reader feedback

We've been utilizing beta readers for LILI G MUST DIE, and the results have been no less than outstanding.  Here are some responses back from the readers:

"Your Primulus universe is, to me, the ultimate cross over."


"My head is still spinning. It's the kind of book you can't wait to re-read!"

"A wonderful gripping story, I can see as many adults as YA reading this and loving it."

"... you weave  all these various genres together more effectively than any modern author I know"

"... the end was SPECTACULAR."

"WOW! Just wow!"

The Last Ride on the Metro

It was my final night in Moscow. The World Cup so far had been nothing short of amazing. I had met people from all over the world, but what affected me most was the warmth and kindness of the Russian people. From English-fluent hotel employees, to not-so-English-fluent cabbies, I was astounded. Everything I had been taught throughout my life was that Russians were alien, cold and quick to take advantage of foreigners. I couldn’t have been proven more wrong. On this one last night, after strolling through Saint Nicholas Street with my wife, Marielena, (and eating the most amazing hamburger ever) we decided to go back to our hotel, situated in a Soviet-era apartment apartment block fairly close to the Domodedovo Airport. And that’s where it all began. We boarded the Green line (#2) southbound. It was packed. Like sardines. I stood up in the back after I managed to secure a seat for my wife. Looking around, it seemed Marilena and I were the only non-Russians on the car. Now, let me tell…

The three "theres"

I don't usually write tutorials or critiques (although I did write a post called Creating an Alien Language for your Manuscript), but the other day I was fighting with someone on a web forum (I like fighting. It's fun!), and someone corrected a poster, stating that the person had incorrectly said "their" when it should have been "they're".

In essence, the line read "they already have their tickets." Possessive - tickets that belong to "them."

However, the responder said it should have been written, "they already have they're tickets."

Ooof. My pet peeve. The three "theres"

Look, it's all very simple. There are three words that sound exactly the same but are used differently.

"There" has many forms (data from

adverb 1. in or at that place (opposed to here ): She is there now. 2. at that point in an action, speech, etc.: He stopped there for applause. 3. in that matter, particular, or respect: Hi…

How to NOT Die in Post- Apocalyptic Hollywood

Revisiting the fantastic, yet decimated world of Alternative Earth from LIVES OF LOST ANGELS, we again meet up with clean leader Dons, Adam the fake mage, neko sisters Minnie and Cassandra, and Lennie and Jelly, the vampire musician couple. We are also introduced to a new protagonist in The Prīmulī Prophecies - Kam Andreessen - just a normal, everyman who never quite gets the girl. But that's all about to change. If he doesn't get killed first, that is...

Short Story Anthology now online

THE COMPENDIUM OF IMAGINARY STARS is now available at SMASHWORDS, and will soon be distributed by iBooks, Barnes and Noble and more.

A small collection of short stories by yours truly, these were originally published by OMNI Magazine (before they became a penny-blog and then changed their name).

Check this short read out.

Best of all, it's free!


LILI G #2 first draft

Well, I recently finished the first draft of LILI G #2, a.k.a. LILI G : YGGDRASIL.

Why YGGDRASIL? That's the name of the mythical tree from Norse cosmology that connects the nine realms.

In Lili's universe, Yggdrasil is the name given to an object, usually in the form of a tree, that exists on every world. Its purpose is to enable an injured Primulus to escape and return to THE HUB. Another feature also enables a Primulus to go to any point in space/time without their ghanlo.

The blurb goes as follows:

Lili Gatto starts her second year at Saint Mary's, but in her very first class she sees someone who shouldn't even be on her planet, let alone first period English. Later, she gets a very special pet, reluctantly joins the soccer team and vacations in the land of her birth.

However, she learns about Yggdrasil, the tree found on every planet in the universe. It allows a stranded Primulus to travel through space/time without the aid of their ghanlo.

Lili uses the tree (of co…