Friday, January 19, 2018

The Murder of Individual Creativity

I tend to not delve into the realm of politics. In fact, this time I will not, per se. However, I will talk about writers who use political discourse to promote themselves to a particular audience.

Each person has a unique mind: there are not two minds exactly alike. This much is true. But with the advent of the Internet, mass, online communications and social media (which I believe to be a more grave threat to Mankind than nuclear weapons), too many people are being, for lack of a better term, brainwashed into thinking one way or another.

I follow a number of accounts on Instagram. One, for an independent book store in West Los Angeles, has been posting a number of very politically-oriented pics/memes as of late. This saddens me. Why? Because everyone should be able to read without feeling they should follow a certain mantra or centralized mode of thinking.

That was why I left the Catholic Church—I do not conform. And my lack of conformation is what makes my writing what it is.

I personally do not care what you think, believe or follow. I merely write. Moreover, I write so any one person can enjoy my books, no matter their personal beliefs or opinions.

Are there politicians in my books? Yes, to a limited extent. Do I assign any of them to a political party? No. The bad/evil politicians are descendants of vampires. Are they Republicans? No. Democrats? No. Independents? No. Socialists? No.

Or are they?

I leave the particulars up to the reader's imagination.  YOU must decide. YOU must imagine. YOU must hear their voices and see their actions. That is writing.

I was once told that a good writer will create a  story that will let the reader's imagination go wild. And this reminds me of my youth.

When I was young we played with little green toy soldiers, bikes and (occasional) BB guns. Everything we did was based on imagination. We created the names, the scenarios, the good guys and the bad ones. But in today's society, everything is laid out, explained and defined for you. Every toy has a name, a color, a purpose and a function.

I personally blame Dungeons and Dragons. Well, that, and the Six-Million Dollar Man.

I took a peer-review novel writing class once. I found that many of the students were quite bright. They were also very much aligned to a particular mindset, and I sincerely believe that limited their ability to expand their minds and to be the best writers they could possibly be. They put a crimp on their own imagination. They lacked creativity, and at the same time sardonically congratulated each other on those phantom skill that had eluded them, simply for their ignorance (such good friends, sarcasm intended). Their creativity sucked. Balls

In essence, individual creativity has been killed; murdered, caused by a creative genocide that has been slowly creeping into the human psyche for decades.

So, what do I want as an author? Gods, that's easy: I want anyone and everyone to be able to read and enjoy my books. No matter their race, color, creed, religion, political beliefs or even planet of origin.

But, please, understand that I write only what I write. I do not create characters based on what people demand or need. I do not create characters to capitalize on the latest fad.

I write my brain.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Short Story Anthology now online

THE COMPENDIUM OF IMAGINARY STARS is now available at SMASHWORDS, and will soon be distributed by iBooks, Barnes and Noble and more.

A small collection of short stories by yours truly, these were originally published by OMNI Magazine (before they became a penny-blog and then changed their name).

Check this short read out.

Best of all, it's free!


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

LILI G #2 first draft

Well, I recently finished the first draft of LILI G #2, a.k.a. LILI G : YGGDRASIL.

Why YGGDRASIL? That's the name of the mythical tree from Norse cosmology that connects the nine realms.

In Lili's universe, Yggdrasil is the name given to an object, usually in the form of a tree, that exists on every world. Its purpose is to enable an injured Primulus to escape and return to THE HUB. Another feature also enables a Primulus to go to any point in space/time without their ghanlo.

The blurb goes as follows:

Lili Gatto starts her second year at Saint Mary's, but in her very first class she sees someone who shouldn't even be on her planet, let alone first period English. Later, she gets a very special pet, reluctantly joins the soccer team and vacations in the land of her birth.

However, she learns about Yggdrasil, the tree found on every planet in the universe. It allows a stranded Primulus to travel through space/time without the aid of their ghanlo.

Lili uses the tree (of course), with some unintended consequences. Now she must find a way to restore her timeline or run the risk of losing her family and friends forever.

This story delves into new territory, not limited to travel through space/time, but also adolescent maturity, teen angst and crushes becoming something more.

I'm sure you'll like it.

Thursday, December 29, 2016



So, if you are a true fan of VIKINGS, you will notice that Ragnar died in a pit of snakes, much like how he died (supposedly) in real life.

But seriously, he needed to die. It was time.

Besides, he was just too fucking weird. Maybe too much time in the wilderness? And what writer's bullshit is this? We never find out where the Hell he was? Bad writers. Bad!

Maybe some other woman will show up with a slew of Ragnar-bred pups and claim he was the king of yet another location? Or maybe he was a smelly old vagrant over in Norway?

Who knows.

In any case, this character was only supposed to last one season. Well done, Travis. Well done.


P.S. Aslaug is dead. Good. I always hated that character. Lagertha rocks.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Progress Updates

I have been taking a break, mostly due to the quantities of family that have been in town for the holidays. However, I have been editing and polishing a bit here and there, so when I jump back into LILI G MUST DIE it will be, flat-out the best YA scifi/fantasy novel of the year (if not ever).

So be patient, friends. It is coming. Soon

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


VIKINGS Season 4, part 2 premieres tonight on THE HISTORY CHANNEL

In case you weren't aware, Steve is a HUGE Vikings fan, being of Scandinavian descent himself.